Easter Bunny visits Runescape. Don’t miss out!

Runescape has special events for holidays like EasterYou can get cool new stuff for Easter on quests

Holidays are always a fun time in the game, runescape. They just started their Easter event and will be running it for two weeks. The only other holiday event that I tried was during Christmas time and I got some antlers plus a Christmas tree for members. The holiday events can be done by a member or a free player but sometimes they will have a special item for members. The makers of this game like to have fun with these events and they do a good job making it silly and fun for the players.

I started out in Falador and went south to find the easter bunny. He was waiting in front of this hole so I started to talk with him. He had this strange idea that he could deliver all his chocolate bunny candies by animating them. I guess so the candies could walk to the children. Crazy ideas have crazy consequences. The person he asked to make these chocolate bunnies made chocolate kebbits instead! No child wants a chocolate kebbit to eat.

Runescape Easter event lets people turn into a rabbitWearing a chicken costume in Runescape for Easter

So it is now my job to help him out by collecting 10 kebbits and placing them in a chute. Once I did that I entered a door where I would need to get some colored eggs. This is where the strange part happened if it wasn’t strange already. I had to bowl with these eggs and hope to hit one of the chocolate kebbits walking around. If I hit one they turn into chocolate dust. Had to get 10 chocolate dust and take it back to the Easter bunny. He was very pleased and gave me a chicken leg and feet costume for helping out.

But it wasn’t over because I was given a magical egg so I can turn into a bunny. I needed to be a bunny to fit in a smaller hole where I could find a needed item. I got to a place with a lot of holes and had to try each one until I found the right one. The holes took me up to a farm where the farmer wasn’t pleased to see a bunny. Once I found the right hole and took back the item to the Easter bunny he gave me a chicken head and wings costume. Now I have a complete chicken costume and I can hop around with a new action button on the emote list. Weird and wacky but this was fun and entertaining before I had to go kill more monsters. Work is never done in runescape even on holidays!