Coming back to runescape

The last time I wrote anything about Runescape was back in 2007. I haven’t even played it for all those years too. I want to return to the game and see all the changes. I have read a lot of new changes that have happened to the game. I’ll be returning with a F2P account soon and then probably will go for the P2P once I know all the new stuff I need to know.

I used to be a P2P player for about a year and then I quit for another game. When Lord of the Rings Online came out I played it exclusively. I stopped playing that game too a year ago. I’m going to be returning to all these games and write as much as I can to help others. I love writing and making video of my adventures in these games so Keep checking back.

Returning to play Runescape again

My character in Runescape in armour 4 years old

Character stats on Runescape

My character stats on Runescape

Checking on my stats I didn’t get too far so I have a lot of goals I can still have fun trying to get. May take me a few years to get all level 99’s on my skills so I am sure to have some fun before getting bored. I like doing the quests a lot. They constantly update with new quests and this is a major reason I liked this game so much.

  • New Updates – I’ll be checking on this page to see all the new updates since I last played in 2007.

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